July Mission Trip 2024


July 17th - 29th


We are getting up close and personal with two communities, one in Ethiopia and one in Kenya.

We want to integrate a sustainable development model that addresses the community’s physical, emotional, educational, economical, and spiritual needs.

We want to supply the community with school supplies, and equipment that will help them grow and learn. These items will be used to empower the local church to assess the needs of the community, train leaders, and start sustainable projects all under the leadership of local people.

Our local leaders will utilize our resource center where children and mothers will be supplied with educational supplies, tutoring, business training, counseling and a partnership with a local church to discipline them in the word of God.

God will do incredible things through this commitment to the people there.

You can be an integral part of this transformation.



We will be visiting beneficiary families and see how they have progressed. See some of the kids under our program and spend some time with them teaching about Jesus. Visit a couple of businesses run by the mothers in our program see what they do and offer advice if needed. We will go to a local orphanage in Addis Ababa. Last we will explore the city of Addis Ababa have a cultural dinner and spend some quality time.



Meet and greet Kenyan Directors, Orientation, Cultural education, and expectations, are a few of our goals to be met during our stay. We will meet beneficiaries and we will get to listen to individual family stories, successes, and failures. We will help with a community health screening and have representatives from CARITAS (Sacco) and NHIF (National health Insurance) educate on personal and group savings and the importance of getting health coverage. We will organize A FUN DAY out with the kids. We will have a bible Devotion and a walk at Karura Forest; We will also plan a final project for the last day.


July Missions Trip

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