Mary Nkirito

From a banana and boiled eggs hawker, Mary Nkirito morphed into a very successful entrepreneur and now boasts of over $1,000 liquidity!

How did she do it? There is a steel mill near the resource center where she eked her living selling bananas and boiled eggs. After inception into the program, she found herself liquid, when we used to disburse on the 20th, with her liquid cash, she identified a business opportunity where she could give some soft loans to her customers who would repay her by the 5th of the next month at an interest.

Our government recognizes that individuals can have loan arrangements amongst themselves at reasonable interest because a big populace still remains unbanked. She has had her down moments when her clients get laid off; this means that she loses her principal! She confesses that when that happens, she counts it as bad debts and continues with stride. She still continues selling her bananas and boiled eggs.

Her exit plan? She wants to buy land in her rural home by December 2020; this is huge especially for a single mother to single-handedly buy land to settle her family. In her own words,” you cannot live in Nairobi forever, you have to plan to settle!”

We give all glory to God!

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