Stories of Impact


Mary Nkirito

From a banana and boiled eggs hawker, Mary Nkirito morphed into a very successful entrepreneur and now boasts of over $1,000 liquidity! How did she do it? There is a steel mill near the resource center where she eked her living selling bananas and boiled eggs. After inception into the...


Two years ago, Emuye, a single mother of three in Ethiopia, was unemployed and struggling to feed and raise her family.  After connecting with ABF4K and receiving mentoring, counseling, business training, and monthly support, her life has changed dramatically.  Her children are attending school and she has developed a business...


Her smile tells it all, Alisa Isendi is her name, a single mother of three beautiful children namely Sabrina Nkirote, Vamalin Ramadhan, and Kelly Rashid. By the time we met her, she had left an abusive marriage and living with her aging parents since 2015. Her former husband Isaac Ramadhan...