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Exposing Dark Places Engaging Deep Needs
Empowering a Bright Future

Our Mission

A Bright Future for Kids targets the core causes of poverty by embracing a holistic approach for lasting transformation that secures a bright future for underprivileged communities.

Core Values

  • Compassion - Our intense dedication to serve the poverty-stricken
  • Integrity - Our actions will reflect God's ethical standards
  • Teamwork - Our efforts to develop, support, and maintain positive mission-driven relationships
  • Commitment - Our unwavering determination to provide outstanding service to our partners and all those we serve
  • Accountability - Our resolve to be held responsible for sharing the love of Christ with everyone we serve
  • Partnership - We believe in working together with churches and like-minded indigenous organizations to meet the needs of communities
  • Humility - Servant leadership is what we reflect in all we do. We stay committed to modeling out a behavior of serving one another and not imposing any superiority based on position, influence, personality, or wealth or any other area that potentially leads into influence
  • Creativity - Although our core values never change, our methods creatively adapt to respect each community we serve.

Ethiopia you are in my prayers and in my thoughts, May you be remembered from heaven. May his promises fulfilled to you in this generation. Let his face shine upon on you. In Jesus name.

Esayas Solomon
Pray for Ethiopia